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Since Crawford: 20/20 Vision began implementing strategies to make Crawford County a better place to live and work, Crawford County law enforcement has been right there with us, trying to make our community a safer place to live and work! From initiatives like "What to Watch For" and anonymous TIPS lines to diligently following leads that result in few drugs and dealers on the streets, to putting more programming and education in local businesses and schools, our officers are "all-in!"

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Drop off prescription and over the counter solid medications such as tablets and capsules. Intra-venous solutions, injectable medication and needles are not allowed in the drop box. Law enforcement is the only entity legally able to accept these medications and process them properly so that they do not fall into the wrong hands. Law enforcement takes control of and destroys drugs - SEE MORE


Bucyrus: Crawford County Sherriff’s Office, 3613 Co Hwy 45
Crestline: Crestline Police Department, 100 North Seltzer
Galion: 301 Harding Way West


Which Drugs Are Okay to Dispose of By Flushing?


More accountability

Since Crawford County Municipal Court Judge Sean Leuthold took over in March 2015, there have been some significant changes to the drug court system, and other law enforcement officials have gotten tougher on drug-related crime countywide. He believes in the three I's: In recovery, In treatment or Incarcerated.



 Public Safety on the Rise

Crawford County law enforcement agree that it is never too soon to talk to your kids about the dangers of drugs. More programming is being planned to get middle and high school students to know that law enforcement takes this issue seriously, but is also there to protect and serve kids and their families. Examples in Crawford County include bringing back Safety Town, to participating in DARE, Teen Institute, and putting more officers in the schools to build relationships.




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Crawford County neighborhoods are taking charge! The What to Watch For campaign has led to many successful arrests.


Anonymous TIPS Line

 Callers can submit crime tips via text message or voice message. The line is not constantly monitored so please call 911 if you need immediate hep!
Bucyrus TIPS line: 419-834-2023

Galion TIPS line: 419-468-3480


Please keep in mind that investigations take time and not all tips will lead to immediate results. Law enforcement officials need time to collect evidence and follow legal procedures.

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talk to your kids

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A majority of substance-free adolescents credit their parents/caregivers and educators for the decision not to use illegal substances. Parents, mentors and peers can make a difference just by talking about drug abuse.


Don't know where to start or what to say? Here are some resources!


START TALKING-- Governor Kasich's initiative; Know! Parent Tips and TEACHable Moments!

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