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Many employers in Crawford County tell us they struggle with finding workers to fill the many jobs they have available, and with turnover and retention of their current employees. Much of that is because people are failing drug tests-- whether tested pre-employment or randomly during their time on payroll.


Zero Tolerance?

Full Disclosure

Download the Employer's Guide to Workplace Substance Abuse: Strategies and Treatment Recommendations


Many local employers have policies that, if you come to them before you fail a drug test, they can work something out to help you get help and keep your job! Talk to your employer if you have a problem!

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Crawford County Support Groups/Meetings


Crawford County Drug Free Community Coalition


Prescription Drug Abuse-- an alarming trend across the U.S. and one of the most common to affect the workplace.



Together We Hurt

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Local Churches and Support Groups

Community leaders we know who also serve local churches include Pastor Mike Corwin at Bucyrus Methodist Church and Pastor JC Church of Victory in Truth Ministries. They are always available to help either provide guidance or refer you to the type of guidance that is right for you. It's a start in the right direction!



Community Counseling

Alpha 12-Step

ADAMH-- Crawford-Marion Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services


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from crawford county employers...

“It’s best to come to the table honestly—spill the beans upfront. Don’t lie on your application—we have zero tolerance for that. If you fail a drug test, you’re fired. If you come to us before that happens, we are willing to listen and try to work with you to get you help and, based on your success, keep your job.”

“Most employers I know test pre-employment, post-accident, and randomly or on suspicion. Every Crawford County employer should do this—compared to the costs that come from turnover, the cost of implementing a thorough and consistent drug screens are nothing. The key is to have a policy that NO ONE is exempt—not even the CEO.”

Zero Tolerance in Crawford County (for the companies who have this policy) means: if you test positive for illegal drugs without a valid prescription, you’re fired. If you have a problem with drugs, and you value your job, your best option is to talk to your employer before it’s too late!
Aside from working with schools, Crawford County law enforcement officers also work with employers!

  • “We want law enforcement to be on the list of who can help and of who want to save people’s lives,” says Bucyrus Police Chief Dave Koepke.
  • “If employers have a policy in place that allows workers to save their job if they come to the employer first (before failing a drug test), we can go to the workplace and train them on how to show employees how seriously the company takes this issue, or we can talk with employees about their options (legal and otherwise).”

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