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A PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGN from Crawford: 20/20 Vision's Public Safety & Drug Abuse (PSDA) Action Team

From denial (won't happen to me...)

to resolve: WON'T HAPPEN TO ME!

"Won't Happen to Me" is a public awareness and community resource campaign created by Crawford: 20/20 Vision's Public Safety and Drug Abuse Action Team. This website is only a starting point--a virtual place to go when you aren't sure what to do next. We've gathered as much local information and resources as we can, if you know of something we're missing, please tell us! We will update content as frequently as we can!

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The following are excerpts from interviews with Crawford County residents. Their stories are blatant reality checks. Drugs are in Crawford County—we know it, we’re doing things now to deal with it. We’re making progress. But we can’t let our guard down…this is what's happening all around us at work, at homw, at school, in our community, in our faces. This isn’t just a fight against drugs… people will always struggle with drugs and addiction ... this is a fight to take our community back and not let drugs ruin what is good about Crawford County.

Look under their bed, in their closet, in their socks… If you have even a little suspicion, don’t take your kid's word – go buy an over-the-counter drug test at the drug store. Call the police… it’s better than having to call the morgue...

When I was 10, I would hang out with my step brother and two of his buddies who were 14 and 13. I smoked pot with them because I wanted to fit in — they were the guys I looked up to and who paid attention to me. By age 16, I was using every day and selling. At 17, I enlisted in the National Guard and served one weekend a month. I used the whole time. I started experimenting with anything I could get my hands on — cocaine, acid, mushrooms, meth, crack… In my early 20s I started selling cocaine...it was easy money....

We drug-test pre-employment, post-accident, suspicion and random. Even though our employees sign a statement when hired that they are willing to be tested, we’ve seen people pull all kinds of tricks to try and fool the test—one person even resorted to carrying a container of someone else's urine in her bra so it would stay room temperature.

Many of us are still in denial even though Crawford County is more aware of the drug problem now and has made a lot of progress… School counselors are reporting that an alarming number of children in Crawford County are being educated about how to use drugs at home, by their parents. … We have a lot of short-term “fixes” in Crawford County but where you really make a difference is in an 18-24 month treatment facility—the only option now is to send addicts to another county for that.

(From a recovering addict): For 6 years I sold 75 pounds of pot a week to users in Bucyrus – sometimes making $10,000 a day. I was addicted to drugs but also to the money and power that came with it…


(About recovery): Once the fog lifts, and your body heals, your brain cells start to recover, you realize how much damage was done—mentally, physically, everything. I wasted 20 years of my life


(From a counselor) People in crisis have burned all their bridges. There is a 36-bed facility in Columbus that always has a waiting list. Our County is spending a lot of money sending people away, and to places that may not right for them. We need a safe place--in Crawford County-- for people to be as they go through treatment...


~ Michelle Failor, michellef@crawford-co.org, 419.563.1809
Crawford: 20/20 Vision, Public Safety and Drug Abuse Action Team


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